About Us

Introduction & Mission Statement


Newmedica as in its name visualized a contemporary young generation of business entrepreneurs who are highly ambitious and passionate in becoming among the key medical supplier in Malaysia.

The world of medical sciences has become more complex and populated by many kind of illnesses. Advancement in medical technology is an on-going process where we can see thousands of new products created all around the world to facilitate needs of the complexity environment of a healthcare institution.

Therefore, in realizing this mission, we have a business obligatory in getting state of the art technologies and equip local facilities with this new knowledge, ultimately being the leader in this field.  We however, must also comply with our strictest concern as regard to quality and benefits of a technology beforehand.

In this millennium of business environment, marketing, branding, product positioning and efficient cost management are key essentials in determining the success of a business. As in any other businesses, it is driven by human capital. Newmedica comprises of professionals who are well experience and competent at their own area of fields that are gelled together in bringing outstanding and excellent profitable end result.

Based on the methodology strategy of relationship marketing that entails forging long-term partnership with customers, we treat them as friends who need each other.

Mission Statement

We are zealous professionals who lead others in medical industry by delivering unique, innovative and new technology driven products aligned with excellent services. 

Our products and services enhance medical practitioners’ quality of service and patients’ quality of life. 

We embrace state of the art marketing tools to expedite the delivery of the latest information to the ever challenging working environment of the healthcare industry.

Vision Statement

To excel in medical business through innovative creative and technology driven human resources who can adapt to market changes and strict customer's requirements. 

BSI Certificate