PuraclothTM, the rinse free, self foaming disposable wash cloth. PuraclothTM is a soft foam cloth for full and partial body cleansing and moisturizing. PuraclothTM is skin friendly, nonsensitizing and free of preservatives.
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PurasoftTM is a disposable wash mitt made out of a fluffy, tear proof non-woven, especially soft and absorbent.
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PuradepTM alcohol tissues are designed for cleaning and disinfection of the intact skin prior to intramuscular, intravenous, subcutaneous injections, vaccinations etc.
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PurawashTM is a soft, skin friendly impregnated disposable wash mitt for bathing and cleaning of immobile patients and patients with special needs.
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TOE/TEE kit sterile. A transducer cover (round tip) on an applicator, an extended 10 ml syringe filled with ultrasound transmission gel, a twist-lock and an adult bite guard.
Product Code: 1251-02
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Bandafix® ready to use