SAGE  Sacral Protection

Sacral Ulcer Protection

Turning and repositioning patients according to your facility's turning schedule is critical to preventing sacral pressure ulcers. Current methods have multiple challenges, including lack of nursing time and risk of staff injury.

The Prevalon Turn and Position System is available in three sizes—Standard to help turn patients up to 350 pounds, XL and XXL—to help turn patients greater than 350 pounds. Unlike standard lift slings and plastic glide sheets, it stays under the patient at all times and is always ready to assist with turning, repositioning and boosting. This convenience and efficiency makes it possible for nurses and staff to achieve compliance to a q2° turning protocol.

Additionally, slings and other turning devices require patient rolling and tucking every time, just to get them under the patient and ready for use. This can cause additional stress on the patient. The Prevalon Turn and Position System stays under the patient to minimize additional stress.

Patient Benefits

Staff Benefits

Product Code: 7200

Prevalon®Turn and Position System
  • 1 Low-Friction Glide Sheet
  • 1 Microclimate Body Pad
  • 1 Universal Bed Attachment
  • 1 Anti-Shear Strap
  • 2 30-Degree Body Wedges
  • Patient weight < 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • Bed width < 36 in (92 cm)

Product Code: 7250

Microclimate Body Pad
  • 30 pads/case (6 bags of 5)
  • Bed width < 36 in (92 cm)