Recovery RX

Wound Therapy


Benefits of RecoveryRx
  • Can significantly impact wound care costs.
  • Convenient and easily applied.
  • Lightweight and disposable medical device.
  • Reduces healing times.
  • Reduces requirement for narcotic pain medication.
  • Incorporates easily with most surgical and wound dressing protocols.
What is RecoveryRx

RecoveryRx™ is a miniaturized medical device that delivers continuous electromagnetic therapy to restore damaged cells. Applied postsurgically or directly over chronic wounds, RecoveryRx™ quickly relieves edema, inflammation, and pain, thus providing patient comfort while reducing bruising and speeding up the onset of natural healing.

How Does RecoveryRxTM Work?
RecoveryRx™ induces a small electrical current into damaged cells at a frequency which recharges the cell and stops the release of pain and inflammatory mediators to re-establish normal cell interaction. As a result, your body will begin to heal faster and you will experience less swelling, pain and bruising.


Diabetic Foot Ulcer

A diabetic foot ulcer which had resisted numerous therapies healed in 4 weeks with the addition of RecoveryRx therapy


Venous Stasis Ulcer

The RecoveryRx therapy was introduced and the wound began to heal after 8 weeks RecoveryRx therapy , the wound closed, the patient was taken off the amputation list


How To Use

Press the On button to activate the RecoveryRx device. A small red light will appear , indicating that it is working

Cover skin with sterile gauze before application of RecoveryRx

Position RecoveryRx over the injured area. The therapeutic area is contained within the wire loop. Be sure cover skin with sterile gauze before application

Secure RecoveryRx with medical tape